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Why Creating Your Own Info Products Is the Sure Way To Huge Profits

You have finally made a decision to join the online money making community. You love the freedom as so many marketers have told you about. You love to dump your monotonous 9 to 5 job forever. And most of all you love the good money all the internet marketers are making. So you have made a decision, now what?

I am going to say…… Create Your Very Own Info Product!

Every online marketer will tell you the big bucks comes with selling your own profitable info products. You may be thinking can information products really sell? The answer is a resounding YES! Think for a moment, why do you surf the internet? Search for information, of course! If everyone can surf the internet for free information, why would one want to buy your product? Now, let me tell you this, don’t underestimate the value of your information products. Not all people has the skill to source for the information they need. Besides, even the information may be available on the internet, it may take some time to search for it. Tell me, if you can save time buy purchasing an ebook which gives you the information you are looking for, will you buy it? I know I would….

Another great advantage of starting your own information business is the low low cost of start up. In fact, it requires such a low cost that anyone can start the business in the shortest time. The good thing about the internet is there is always free or cheaper alternatives. You just need to be resourceful and creative. Besides, with the technology today, most of the tasks can be automated and you will earn money even when you are sleeping or on a holiday. Unlike affiliate marketing, you need not be bother with the problems of stolen commissions, delayed payments, dishonest merchants and so on. Besides, it is much better to have an army of affiliates to promote for you and you just have to collect the money.

But wait! I am a newbie! I can’t write! I can’t build a website! I don’t know anything about html! Well, listen up, if you are serious of starting your info-product business, the first you have to do is…. Get Rid of Your Mental Block! I believe EVERYONE can write. It is a matter of practice and over-coming the “I-can’t-write” attitude. In fact, you will be surprise how easy is to create a hot, brand new information product.

Web Building is an essential skill if you want to start an internet business. Your website is your online shop for selling your product. Now, don’t let html scares you. You don’t even need to know html to build a website. Website building tutorials and videos are easily available on the internet. It just takes a little determination to learn it. For selling your information products, all you need is a one page mini-site and you are set to go. If you really don’t want to learn how to create a website, there are always blogs. Yes, blogs are free and much easier to set up. Today World Info

Yes, I agree that to a newbie, creating your very own product is a daunting task…. almost impossible. Frankly, it took me a long time to finally has to courage to create my first info product. I was ‘handicapped’ by my ‘inability’ to write a good product and build a webpage. However, after overcoming the obstacles, the reward is tremendous! I just could not describe the amazing proud feeling of seeing your own product in the market, read by people all over the world. So to the newbies here, I hope I have given you some inspiration to start your very own information product empire.


Sony 16-80 Review – Great Low Light Portraits Lens?

Anyone interested in low light candid portrait shots should make a really good investment by getting a Sony 16-80. If you don’t trust one person’s comments on this particular camera lens then go find some other lens review or perhaps check out several reviews to see a particular pattern-people love this lens. sony 55x75k

The Sony 16-80 is actually the Konica Minolta 50mm f1.4 update but in real life application, this lens outperforms the previous product by several notches. The picture quality is great even for beginners who are learning the ropes of landscaping. The picture quality is pretty sharp and you can even shoot pictures indoors and just keep the UV filter off. Given the price of this lens, you are really getting the most out of your money.

Another advantage with the Sony 16-80 lens is more accurate and faster focusing. This is largely due to its bigger aperture that allows more light to get to the focusing system. The auto focusing system works pretty fast especially if you’re shooting your pictures in low light. People still get a very sharp quality out of the pictures they shoot without making any adjustments.

Yet another advantage one can get from the larger aperture of the Sony 16-80 lens is increased flash range. This works really great when you plan to take a lot of pictures indoors. In very simple terms, this lens basically increases the maximum flash range to around 40%. Yet another great advantage that anyone can point to, and this one is especially true for beginners, is the fact that this lens makes putting the background images out of your focus a lot easier.

The Manufacturer’s Specs

The Sony 16-80 is 1.69 inches in length and has a diameter of 2.56 inches. It weighs around eight ounces. Its minimum focus distance is set at 1.5 feet; and for low-light shots, it has a circular aperture. The diameter of the filter is 55 mm. It uses Sony’s image stabilization system to minimize blurs. This lens is specifically designed for Sony’s SLR cameras and is best suited for fully open indoor apertures.

The minimum aperture of the Sony 16-80 is f22. On the other hand, has a maximum aperture of f1.4. This one of a kind lens has a focal length of 50mm (35m equivalent) and 75mm (APS). Its maximum magnification is at 0.15x. The out of the box experience you can get when you buy this product is pretty impressive as well. Customers get a rear and front lens cap plus a lens hood when they purchase one of these worthwhile lenses.