Ventless Gas Heaters – The Ultimate Heating Solution for the Home

For those that live areas where temperature can drop a ventless gas heater offers the perfect solution. Unlike electric heaters, gas alternatives are affordable, easy to run and provide a long-term heating solution that is considered efficient and long-lasting.

On the market today you will comes across many types of heater ranging from portable to more commercial like units that are designed to cater for a variety of needs. Being ventless they require no other tubing or ducts to be installed and can be setup within minutes making them a perfect choice for those wanting heat and warmth fast! Perfect for those in a cold climate, don’t you agree?!

Be kind to your environment

Unlike wood burning heaters, natural gas heaters are considered to be more environmentally friendly. Emission rates are considerably lower when compared to wood stoves which make them the perfect choice. It must be noted that ventless units do have their drawback, with one of the main points being that some form of ventilation is required to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. The newest heaters on the market thankfully come with inbuilt features that detect carbon monoxide levels meaning that they can automatically shut of operation when levels are harmfully low. So long as you stick to the safety regulations and guidelines everything will be fine, I promise!

Benefits from a gas ventless heater

Great fuel efficiency is one of the many benefits you get in return for investing in a ventless heating unit. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes you are sure to find the perfect heater for your needs from patio heaters, portable heaters, wall mount types and more. The range available is vast and wide. Other utilizes gas to provide a direct source of wood heaters heater via a heating element or you have those that work by emitting infra red waves which provide and instant source of heat. Prices are reasonable, with propane types being more expensive to purchase and maintain. For a long-term investment I recommend sticking to natural gas types where you will be expected to pay anywhere from $30 – $300 on average.

Disadvantages to ventless heater systems

As mentioned before, ventilation is required to some degree to insure you and your family’s safety. Many ventless heating units are banned from many states in the US as well as in some countries around the globe. Due to the nature of how they operate it carbon monoxide levels can reach dangerous levels if not monitored on a consistent basis. Careless use and lack of implementing the guidelines included with your heater is dangerous and not recommended. Luckily many ventless heaters include features such as an auto shut off switch when levels reach high levels as well as other unique features to insure your safety.

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