With regards to buying paintball markers, there are numerous choices accessible today. Two well known models among paintball enthusiasts incorporate the Ego 11 and the Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball firearm.


Both of these weapons are great choices for the people who are searching for a quality paintball marker at a sensible cost. In any case, there are advantages and disadvantages related with the two weapons. Consequently, prior to making any buy, it is critical to dive deeper into what every one of these paintball firearms brings to the table.


Self image 11 paintball weapons, which are fabricated via Planet Eclipse, bring numerous aces to the table. For instance, Planet Eclipse has done whatever it takes to control the speed of the bolt in the marker so it can more readily deal with fragile competition paint. This additionally works on the vibe of the weapon while likewise 410 ammo in stock sound mark.


Sadly, making a more delicate speed increase and deceleration framework likewise has its disadvantages. Specifically, the tradeoff for a smoother feel is a more slow cyclic speed. This, thus, dials back the pace of fire. To resolve this issue, the paintball weapon highlights twin stream control gadgets that permit you to tune the speed, rate and feel of the marker. The Ego 11 likewise includes the Push On Purge System, or POPS framework, which permits the marker to gas up and de-gas in only a small part of a second and with very little exertion.


A few extra elements of the Ego 11 include:


* New, ergonomic casing plan with a higher hold position

* ROF markers

* Top off counters

* Perceptible beeper

* Clocks

* Capacity to interface with a PC (with the utilization of the discretionary E-Portal2 unit)


Obviously, the way that clients can change the Ego 11 paintball weapon to suit their singular necessities is the best advantage this marker brings to the table. This likewise goes with it a decent decision for the people who understand what they are searching for in a firearm. For the people who needn’t bother with this equivalent degree of movability, the Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball firearm is a decent choice.


This marker accompanies a spring-load drive center, which forestalls air misfortune on the terminating stroke and recently squandered air in the valve chamber. It additionally gives further developed productivity and quicker re-energize of the valve chamber by guaranteeing the chamber is completely fixed before topping off upon bolt bring stroke back.


The Geo 2.1 likewise offers a SL3 in-line controller which is more exact, steady and gives quicker re-energize than in earlier adaptations. It will likewise permit the Geo 2.1 to work with LP, MP or HP tanks similarly with no fluctuation in execution or velocity.In short, the Ego 11 and Planet Eclipse Geo 2.1 paintball firearms are both great choices for the people who are searching for a quality paintball marker. Prior to making a buy, in any case, it is consistently savvy to do a touch of looking to find the marker that is ideal for you.

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