Maintaining Your Wicker Furniture

When most of us think about sun room furniture we think about wicker. Sunroom indoor furniture has traditionally been made from this versatile substance, then finished in a wide array of colors. The airy construction and strength of the material adds a kind of tropical feel to your sunroom, letting you imagine that you are actually soaking in the sun at some holiday destination rather than lounging in your wicker chair in front of your sunroom window. But today, wicker furniture is not limited to just the love seat and chair set that most of us are familiar with. There are also a number of wicker accessories that you can incorporate into your sunroom decorating.

Wicker has been used for a number of tools and creations since biblical times. The earliest wicker artifact that has been discovered actually came from Egypt. It was dated by archaeologists and is believed to have come from around 1400 B.C. Originally, it was formed into tools that were necessary for performing the tasks for day to day living, such as fishing or building shelter. As trade routes expanded and wicker became readily available, it began to be used for more decorative needs such as furniture and accessories. It quickly became a popular material for creating inexpensive, yet durable items. When we use the word wicker today, the word actually applies to a number of different materials, all of which can be woven into strong patterns and shapes. Rattan, bamboo, a number of reeds, willow and peel cane all fall into this category. When bent and woven, the materials can be creatively used to form anything from baskets to furniture.

When you are looking at wicker furniture for your sunroom, you will find a number of different choices available. Often there are sets of furniture sold, including a love seat or sofa, one or more chairs, and possibly tables that coordinate with the other pieces. However, this is only the beginning of what is available. You can find wicker ottomans, swings, rockers, wing chairs and loungers that you can add to provide additional relaxing, comfortable pieces to your furniture selections. Or, you can choose from any number of pot stands, end tables, mats, decorative baskets, wall hangings and fans that will let you carry your tropical theme throughout the room.

Alternatives To Wicker That Have A Similar Look

You’ll find other options than Indoor Wicker Furniture solid wicker furniture as well. There are a number of products that will combine wicker with a solid wooden structure. These can add a more rustic quality to your furniture, but may also add more strength to the structure if you have larger or heavier members of the household. Many other pieces that appear to be wicker are actually made from a plastic or vinyl type material that has the look of wicker but is less expensive and easy to maintain. Now there are also products beginning to appear on the market that are made of PVC pipe. These products are just as strong, look very similar to actual wicker, and are usually less expensive than wicker furniture.

Selecting Your Sunroom Furniture Fabric

When you are considering cushions and fabric for your wicker sunroom furniture, there are a couple of items to consider. First, realize that when you see the price listed for wicker furniture, it rarely includes the cushions that may be displayed with the furniture. If you are not happy with the choices that you see, ask if you can order different fabric for the cushions. If not, and if you have purchased standard sizes of furniture, then you will still likely be able to find the kind of fabric that you would like. You should also consider whether or not you will need to protect the fabric with some kind of stain guard. If you plan to entertain in the sunroom, have meals there or expect to have a great deal of traffic in the room, then protecting the fabric is a good idea. It will make cleaning any spills easier and will keep the fabric looking new for much longer.

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