In commercial real estate agency, the opportunities for the average salesperson to succeed are high. That being said, salespeople still need to work to a system and drive themselves as part of a sales and listing excellence program; rewards are only come to those that put in the effort. As part of that process, you also need market knowledge, professional business processes, and a variety of skills including prospecting, negotiation, and presentations.

So you should have high expectations  Newport Residences Price of yourself as you proceed through your career in sales or leasing. The same principle can apply for property managers although in a different way, given that the workload in property management and shopping centre management is different, and the remuneration packages are not the same as those that are based on commissions in sales and leasing.

So let’s look more at the high expectations that you can develop for yourself in commercial real estate sales and leasing. Create a series of goals or benchmarks that you can work to when it comes to the following:


  • The number of outbound prospecting calls that you make every day to qualified prospects
  • The number of meetings that you can create each week from your prospecting activity
  • The number of quality listings that you exclusively take each week from your prospecting activity
  • The number of presentations that you make on a weekly basis to qualified clients and prospects
  • Your conversion rate of presentations to listings
  • The time on market that applies to each of your exclusive listings
  • The amount of vendor paid marketing that you achieve as part of the listing process
  • Your conversion rate from exclusive listings to successful transactions
  • The levels of referral business that you bring into the agency from your previous clients and existing transactions


These activities and numbers are really important when it comes to establishing ongoing business and the right commercial real estate market share for yourself. Far too many agents don’t track their progress. They have little understanding of where they are when it comes to current results and future activities. That weakness is the foundation for poor commissions and low quality listings.

So to help you establish a program of high expectations and potentially exceptional results, here are some things to focus on and established in your personal business plan. Over time these things will help you potentially rise to the top of the industry in your local area.


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